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360 Tours - Guide

A Panoramic Tours for marketing, eCommerce and eLearning.

Basic ‘Overlay’ 360 Tour - approx £895
360 photography with 25 x 360 images, ​including a menu,
 logo, branding and up to 20 hotspots 

Standard ‘Multimedia’ 360 Tour - approx £1750
360 photography with 25 x 360 images, including a menu,
logo, branding and up to 40 hotspots. 

Deluxe ‘Seamless’ 360 Tour - approx £2300
360 photography with 40 x 360 images, creation of virtual tour including a menu,
logo, branding, and up to 400 hotspots for a seamless floor navigation through the location.
Similar to a Google Street Map tour. 

3D Virtual tour

If your project is in the planning stage we can create a tour using 3D modeling software, 
complete with hotspot and links as above. 
This is an exciting product to show your ideas and sell concepts. 
Each tour is bespoke and priced on the complexity of the models. 

What do we put into our tours? 
Each tours contains embedded hotspots with text, images & video. The tour is fully customisable.
What information can be included to enhance a tour?
The tours can embed a wide range of different multimedia to act as a marketing platform.
Some ideas:
● Company logos
● Marketing videos
● Venue Information
● Customer testimonials
● URL links
● Call to action links 

How we develop a tour with a client 
● Agree the scope and marketing objectives 
● Confirm what 360 ‘scenes’ are required from around the proposed site. It is good here to provide a selection of
still images from the property to plan the tour. 
● Assemble additional support material for example images or videos 
● A quotation would be provided up front once this is all confirmed 

Enhanced and Standard ‘Multimedia’ Tour Features
● 360º scenes captured of your space
● Google Street View upload
● Google My Business integration
● Embedded multimedia hotspots
○ Video
○ Audio
○ Images
○ Text
○ Links 

- Can be embedded into any website
- Can be sent as a link to client
- Can be viewed offline
- No external branding
- Easy to host on your website or we can host it for a yearly fee
- Powerful Marketing tool
- Extremely flexible platform

Photographer - £175 First hour / £75 per hour thereafter
Videography - £150 First hour / £100 per hour thereafter
Professional 360 camera hire - £150 per day
Drone services - call for price
Creative / planning / consultancy - £75 First hour / £50 per hour thereafter
Tour programing and development £250 per day
Travel not included in prices 

What about a 360 Video Tours?
For the ultimate in 360 experience on websites try a Virtual Video Tour.
They are eye-catching and engaging. These tours require high end production techniques.

To create the beautifully smooth walkthroughs, we mount a top end camera to a robotic platform such as the image
The results are stunning and can be enhanced further when combined with
360 drone footage. 

A 360 Tour is a very powerful tool to show off your business, your projects and your ideas.
They can be anything you can imagine, the possibility, endless.  
For more information and to discuss your project with us, please call now.